Jared's Forge


I have been infatuated with knives since my dad gave me my first blade at 5 years old. At 15 I bought my first grinder and began teaching myself the art of knife making. In the 31 years since I have studied, researched, practiced (screwed up and learned) my skills to achieve the level of Mastersmith in the HEPK Association (High Endurance Performance Knives). I have had the pleasure to study and work with exceptional knife-makers, presented seminars at the Atlanta National Blade Show and the Vernal Knife and Gun Show on forging techniques, sharpening techniques and testing. 

My knives are unique. I hand forge my blades from 52100 round stock using power hammers and heat treat ovens I built from scratch. I custom craft many of my handles with natural materials, many locally harvested. I use the most innovative and advanced forging techniques to achieve a blade that is both beautiful, functional, and tough enough to do the work it is designed for. No two blades, or handles, are the same. I take an organic, artisan approach to my craft which is evident in the natural flow and balance between my blades and handles.

Martial Arts has been an integral part of my learning. I have a first step in Wu Ji Chyuan Fa and a Shodan in Iaido which I studied for a number of years. I have made numerous practice weapons for several different martial arts styles.